Graduate, HuntsvilleTia

“I really wanted to work in oncology because I lost my mom to cancer.


My mom will always be my inspiration. She was diagnosed with leukemia in September 2013 and she passed in December of 2013, so it was kind of a quick process and it was unexpected. She had been sick previously, she’s been sick her whole life. In 2010 she actually had to get a liver transplant, so that was hard, seeing her go through that. I have two older sisters, and they helped. I had to step up in high school. My senior year I was class president, so with that burden plus the liver transplant that happened that same year — it was rough, but I got through it.

I started off in school after I graduated but I underestimated myself. That was my biggest challenge. Don’t ever underestimate yourself, and do what you want to do. Life is too short to come to a job and hate it. Even if you have to wait — life happens — do what you want to do.

My mom always told me that I should work in the medical field because I have the personality for it. After she passed, I enrolled in Virgina College and I was determined to finish because I knew that’s what she wanted. Two weeks after my externship, I was hired. I know it’s what I was meant to do.

“Don’t ever underestimate yourself, and do what you want to do. Life is too short to come to a job and hate it.”

I have some of the sweetest patients. They make it easier to come here. There’s a couple that have stolen my heart at this point. It’s a little sad sometimes, but I get through it. Seeing what my mother went through drove me to believe that I could help others get through situations like hers.

I had never worked in the medical field before now. I went from retail to having people’s lives in my hands. That’s probably the most challenging part. Working in retail was completely different. You ring people up, ring up their groceries, tell them to have a good day and that’s the end of it.

Here, I take home patients. Just their hearts, just thinking about them. I think about my patients all day every day.

A lot of people say they couldn’t do it if they had seen their mom go through it, but I think everybody’s different. It makes me feel like I can help other people just by seeing what she went through and going through it, too, with her. That’s my motivation. I just want to make her proud, that’s my main goal.”

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