Culinary Arts, ChattanoogaSharon

“When I was younger, I didn’t know anyone who liked bread pudding really. That’s the one dessert I didn’t like. Now my company is Chattanooga Variety Bread Pudding. I do different varieties of chocolate like chocolate pecan, chocolate walnut. Twenty varieties of bread pudding.


The favorites are lemon swirl, strawberry, the traditional with the bourbon sauce or without, the blueberry, pineapple upside down. During the holidays I do the sweet potato pie and the pumpkin spice. I do a savory bread pudding with sautéed onions and mushrooms with seasoned ground beef and bacon. I just give customers different choices. I love to see the reactions change from being real skeptical about them to seeing them smile.

I was in a movie with Jamie Foxx in Atlanta. It came up just by accident. I played a chef. There’s a scene where I’m flouring muffin pans. I never did get a chance to finish those muffins. But we’re on the set of our first day of filming and we’re standing in the kitchen waiting on Jamie, and he just walks in out of nowhere and somebody tells him that I’m in love with him and how this is my first movie and to make her feel good.

“I was in a movie with Jamie Foxx. It came up just by accident. I played a chef.”

So he gives me this hug, like this bear hug, and he’s just squeezing me and I’m in shock and we’re about to film. So, I’m standing there thinking, ‘Oh my God, he was just hugging me.’ And then I have his cologne all over my costume. It was crazy. I’m trying to get that shocked look off my face. I remember asking the wardrobe lady, ‘Can I take that home, please?’ Because it still smelled like Jamie and the next day it had his cologne on it. I had a great two days there.

What gets me excited in the morning? I know when I wake up every day, it’s the day that I’m working on my company, my brand, trying to network, check my contacts, check my emails. I tell everyone, ‘Work on your goals and dreams every day, no matter how much time you get to spend.’”

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