Cosmetology, HuntsvilleKennedy

“Cosmetology is always something I’ve liked since I was little. I always wanted to do things to my hair, and my mom would tell me no. I even did my hair and makeup for prom.


I toured every school in Huntsville that offers Cosmetology. But I liked the homey feeling here. My mom was with me for every tour. She’s my biggest motivation.

I started June 6, 2016, and am a little over halfway through the program. After you get the hang of it, it’s a blast. It’s like a family, you just learn from each other. I’ve made friends here that I’ll keep forever.

“I know I just have to keep practicing until I get better.”

The most challenging part of the program is meeting with clients to understand the styles they want and also learning about the chemicals used for all the different types of services. It’s good because you get to learn how to work with different people, but at first, it’s definitely a challenge.

My goal would be to work under someone after getting done here and learn more from them, then open up my own place back home. It’s hard, but I know I just have to keep practicing until I get better. You just have to force yourself to do it until you see your progress.

Have patience, tons of patience, and just be strong and set goals for yourself. Come with the drive to learn something every day. Don’t come in moping around or tip-toeing like you don’t want to be here. Just come in and take it head-on. It’s challenging, it’s real challenging at times, but once you get past it, you’re like, ‘Oh, hey, I’ve done this.’ If you get frustrated, take a break, walk to the side, come back, get started again.”

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“Never let anyone stop you from becoming a greater person in life. No matter what, keep going!”

Allison, Columbus Student

“I gave up partying late at night to study late at night. And all the hard work paid off.”

Yesica, ChattanoogaGraduate

“I wanted to do something with my life that would make both my children and my mother proud.”

Jasmine, Spartanburg Student

“I chose the field I am in because I have always wanted to help people who are sick feel better.”

Kennesha, Huntsville Graduate

“I am motivated by the students. I am constantly reminded that everyone is reaching for something.”

Kelly, Pensacola Instructor

“I am scared to death to leave my classmates and teachers when I graduate because I love them and have become attached.”

Kelsey, Baton Rouge Student

“I’m not a person that gives up easily on myself or others.”

Christine, Savannah Student

“My husband passed away in February 2017. I chose the medical assistant field because of taking care of him and my elderly parents.”

Janet, Knoxville Student

“Being in the military and seeing a lot of people sick, it gave me the motivation to do something challenging and be better.”

Jamar, Savannah Graduate

“The proudest moment in my life is that after I had my son, I returned to finish my schooling.”

Ryan, Charleston Student

“It’s never too late to go back and finish your degree!”

Almarina, Shreveport Graduate

“I am the oldest of five kids. At a young age my mother got sick, and I had to step up to the plate.”

Lauren, Austin Student

“I have completed eight years with two deployments in service to my country.”

Eric, Jackson Student

“I wanted better for my children and to show them there’s always something to learn.”

Laura, Jacksonville Student

“I worked as a hairstylist for over 30 years and a licensed cosmetology instructor for 23 years. I know that hard work pays off in the long run.”

Meshandra, Macon Instructor

“I didn't choose cosmetology, it chose me!”

Kumesia, Jacksonville Graduate

“Before enrolling in school, I never really felt like I was doing what I should be doing.”

Bonnie, Florence Student

“Being a chef is a dream of mine. I don’t want to think about what could have been. I had to take the chance.”

Fred, Richmond Student

“As a single mother, I wanted to show my son it wasn’t too late to get my degree! I finished knowing I could start a career and provide for him and give him the life I never had.”

Chelsea, Birmingham Graduate

“I love everything about cosmetology — hair, makeup, nails, everything!”

Camell, Columbia Student

“My motivation is my six-year-old daughter. To know that this little person is depending on me for everything makes me want to work that much harder and strive that much more for success.”

Lakesha, Savannah Student

“There was a time in my life when I was sickly. One day, my husband took me to get a makeover. The transformation was phenomenal. I want to make people feel the way I felt that day.”

Sable, Columbus Graduate

“I was 34, a single mother of three. I worked full-time and was a full-time student. My life was nonstop for two years. As time went on it became a lot easier and a lot more fun.”

LaTasha, Augusta Graduate

“I want my son to know that you are never too old to accomplish any of your dreams and you can do anything you set your mind to.”

Jessica, Knoxville Student

“I’m a 37-year-old proud mother of three children and three stepchildren, a full-time student with a 4.0 GPA, and working full-time.”

Virginia, Lubbock Student

“I have been told by some family members that I do not have what it takes to become a nurse; they have motivated me to prove them wrong.”

Caitlin, Montgomery Student

“I kept telling myself I was going to do this but never did it. Last year, I put my foot down and told myself that I am going to finish school.”

Kerpernia, Mobile Student

“I am 53 and decided to start over in my career.”

Tammy, Augusta Student

“I chose Business Administration because I wanted to fully understand owning and operating a business. I am very independent and very curious.”

Cronyn, Charleston Student