Instructor, MaconKeiontae

“Before coming to Virginia College, I worked as a medical assistant in a cancer lab and for the county board of education as a health technician. I talked to some friends who were teaching here and decided to give it a try. On my first night of teaching, I was so nervous, but I went in and did it, and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I think we have a great staff here, there’s a genuine concern for the students. It’s not just a job. Everyone here is devoted to the students’ success.


I teach one of the first clinical courses that students take, and then the phlebotomy class, which is one of their last courses. It really allows me to see how the students have come along. Once students have taken the phlebotomy class, they’re pretty much ready to head out on externships.

“When they succeed, I feel like I succeed.”

My favorite part is when they take their certification exams. A lot of times some of our students are apprehensive when they start, because they have a lot of personal issues coming into college. Seeing them get to the finish line, it’s so rewarding for me. I’m trying to hold back tears. It’s rewarding to know that they’ve put in the dedication to get to the finish line.

What is my best advice to students? Balance. Balancing your family, school and work. And sleep! And I encourage them to stay driven and not rush through everything. I have to remind them to lay the foundation first, then build on that. The ultimate goal will always be to finish, no matter how long it takes. When they succeed, I feel like I succeed. There’s nothing like watching them walk across the stage at graduation!”

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