Culinary Arts, BirminghamJay

“I just moved to Birmingham and I didn’t like the job that I got. I wasn’t happy. So after I quit, I was looking for something to do and thought that I’ve always wanted to own a restaurant or work in the field in some way. I thought that this nine-month program would fit perfectly with my timeframe here in Birmingham.


I am married and she’s in school. She’s in a one-year program and I had a job for, like, two months and then I quit that and was looking for another job — I actually turned down a pretty good job in order to come here.

I have a four-year business degree. But going to school when you’re 22…I am in my 30s now, that part has been a little insane. It’s a good, fun, laid-back environment. It wasn’t hard to adjust.

“My wife is my biggest supporter, she’s amazing.”

Owning a restaurant is the long-term goal. I don’t know what kind yet because I don’t know where we’re moving. I am trying to gain as much knowledge about all the different aspects so when I end up where I end up, I can look at what that market needs and then create a business plan based on those needs. Whether it ends up being a bake shop or a French restaurant, or a steak house. I’m going to make it work, wherever I end up. Once I get an idea of what the community needs.

I make a good salmon, but I don’t have anything particular that I am known for yet. I have made several other things that I made here for my wife and my family. I bring home good food. So that’s a nice motivation for the both of us. I don’t normally eat all of the bread and cakes and pastries and stuff. So that’s changed. My wife’s real happy about it. All these pastries and cakes and pies and stuff.

My wife is my biggest supporter, she’s amazing.”

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