Culinary Arts, BirminghamChris

“I’ve always been in the restaurant business. I’ve worked at a seafood restaurant, an Italian restaurant, multiple bars. Yeah, I’ve been in all types.

There’s a lot that I still didn’t know, even working in restaurants for so long.


For the most part it’s what I expected. Very fast-paced, you’re learning. Go. Go. Go and do it right. Not much time to mess up or fix your mistakes. It’s very much what I expected it to be and that’s how I work anyway.

I am in school full-time and I work in a kitchen, as well, so I can pay bills and take care of my kids. Being a single dad and working and going to school — it’s a lot of sleepless nights, but I make it work.

My kids are four and two. My oldest is Brice and my youngest is Parker. I want to set a good example for them. I want them to know the meaning of hard work and doing what you gotta do to survive and be a great role model.

“I am in school full-time and I work in a kitchen, as well, so I can pay bills and take care of my kids.”

My immediate goal right after is to continue working in the kitchen I am in and helping to build that menu. Put my training to use. Down the road, it would be to open my own restaurant. I want to have multiple. A bar and grill-type thing, easy menu. Fun atmosphere. Another would be fine dining and, if I am lucky enough, family dining.

I was in the Army. I was combat. In the fight basically is the easiest way to describe it. I yell a lot. It’s not intentional — it’s how I motivate. It’s how I was motivated when I was in the Army. So it helps me.

My greatest accomplishment is being here every day. I work until one or two in the morning, get a few hours of sleep and then get here. Coming to class is a great accomplishment.”

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