Student, BirminghamAngelica

“I was laid off from my job back in 2014. I was just tired of working for corporate America. Giving someone all that you have just to be told, ‘Hey, we no longer need you.’ It really deflated me. Everything I had. It just took all the wind out of me.


I am a mother of three, I have two boys and a girl. I am engaged to be married. It was really about the time, being able to be a full-time mom and being able to fit school into my schedule. It’s a balancing act. Sometimes when the kids are doing their homework, I do mine. While they’re eating, I eat. If I have a little free time, then that’s our free time.

One day I kept seeing the commercial, and I remember I had talked to Brooke (an admissions representative) earlier that year. A starting class was coming up, and I said I’d be there. And that time came and it passed and I saw the commercial again and thought, ‘Hmm, I think they’re talking to me.’ So after blowing off Admissions a few more times, I finally came in.

Every step of the way, someone held my hand. There was never any confusion. It’s comforting to still be able to see Brooke walk around the hallways and say, ‘Hey, how are you?’

I was always doing family and friends’ hair. Once my mom let me get into her hair. She let me style it and put curls in it. Once she started wearing it to work, I knew I wanted to focus on it. It was just the right fit from the very beginning. My younger brothers really pushed me, too. They were in high school and were actually brave enough to wear my haircuts.

“Telling yourself not to quit is so important.”

Staying committed is a really big thing. Keeping yourself grounded and telling yourself not to quit is so important.

You have to remove limits. I am no longer scared to just go up and talk to a stranger. Because you meet people here every day, it’s no longer like meeting a stranger. I can just walk up to people now and say, ‘Hey, I like your highlights!’

We had a wig application class and we learned how to make wigs. A few classmates and I were sitting out here, and Brittany was telling us how her mother went through cancer and how she has lost some of her hair. She had always wanted to make wigs and donate them. I was like, ‘We can do that!’ Right then the campus president walks by and I told him I had an idea.

I asked, ‘Can we make wigs and donate them?’ He said, ‘If you’re serious, get it together, and I’ll support you 100 percent.’

“I knew that this was where I was meant to be, to change lives of other people and make other people feel beautiful.”

So, I go to the program director and she tells me that I need a business proposal. I’ve never done a business proposal before. I create the business proposal and from there we started, VC Wigs of Love. We made nine wigs our first time and one of our instructors put us in contact with a foundation that actually donates the wigs.

We had a pinning ceremony come up, and we found out that one of our instructors was actually a survivor of cancer and another one of our instructors had actually just started chemo and had cut off all of her hair. We decided that we would make a wig strictly for her and she would be our first recipient of a wig from VC Wigs of Love.

We constructed all of the wigs on the salon floor. During the pinning ceremony, Ms. Bennett, who is a cancer survivor, gave some encouraging words, and I was actually able to present the wig to the instructor, Ms. Manning. There wasn’t a dry eye, it was the most awesome thing ever. I knew that this was where I was meant to be, to change lives of other people and make other people feel beautiful, in spite of their circumstances, in spite of what life may have thrown at them. They can still be glorious.”

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